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under REDLIGHTS x ver. 2 - z a c efron

Under Red Lights: Art by blacklghtfriday
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Graphics made by blacklghtfriday.

under_redlights is the personal art community for blacklghtfriday. All graphics are made by me, and they are free for use unless stated otherwise. I am still in the process of gathering all the links for the resources I have used for brushes and textures.
There are just two simple rules to follow:

&& Comments are not required, but definitely always welcome.
&& Crediting is required. Most of my art will be free for use, but please give credit where credit is due.

How to credit:


Profile: reversescollide LJ Layout: artphilia Header: blacklghtfriday

100x100, 30 seconds to mars, adam brody, alec, almost famous, alyssa milano, anakin skywalker, andre marek, angel, angelina jolie, bethany joy galeotti, bethany joy lenz, boys like girls, brad pitt, brangelina, brendan fehr, brendon urie, brian krause, brian o'connor, brooke davis, brooke/lucas, brucas, bryan greenberg, candy, chad michael murray, charlie hunnam, charmed, christopher halliwell, cole turner, cruel intentions, dark angel, dazed and confused, dean winchester, drew fuller, elisha cuthbert, empire records, er, fall out boy, fast and the furious, food network, friends, garett hedlund, gerard butler, gilmore girls, graphics, haley james, haley james scott, harry potter, hellogoodbye, hilarie burton, holly marie combs, icon making, icons, into the blue, iron chef, itunes, jake gyllenhaal, jake jaglieski, jake/peyton, james lafferty, jared leto, jared padalecki, jarhead, jason behr, jensen ackles, jess mariano, jessica alba, jeyton, johnny depp, julian mcmahon, justin chatwin, keith scott, lee norris, leo wyatt, linkin park, lorelai gilmore, love, lucas scott, luke danes, macbook, max guevara, max/alec, max/logan, michael/maria, milo ventimiglia, monica/chandler, movies, music, naley, natalie portman, nathan scott, nathan/haley, noah/allie, one tree hill, paige halliwell, paige/henry, panic! at the disco, paramore, patrick fugit, paul walker, pete wentz, peyton sawyer, phantom of the opera, phoebe halliwell, phoebe/cole, photoshop, piper halliwell, piper/leo, pirates of the carribean, placebo, prue halliwell, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, rachel/ross, romeo and juliet, rory gilmore, rose mcgowan, roswell, ryan gosling, ryan ross, sam winchester, sam/jared, saved!, scarlett johansson, scott caan, seth cohen, seth/summer, sethumer, smallville, sophia bush, star wars, summer roberts, supernatural, television, terry sheridan, the academy is..., the all-american rejects, the breakfast club, the cw, the notebook, the oc, the princess bride, the skulls, the wb, timeline, tom welling, top chef, tyler hilton, wedding crashers, wentworth miller